The Super Entity Game Server team is proud to announce the release of the next version of our server!

Windows Binary -

Source Code - .zip

Source Code - .tar.gz

WARNING We have a confirmed "Outbreak" of SEGS v0.6.0.

Be aware that it has a slew of new dangerous features:

-Inspiration tray and enhancement tray

-Inspiration tray size changes based on level

-DEF, HP, and END inspirations now do their thing

-Preliminary PowerSet Support

-Trade between players of enhancements, inspirations and inf!

-AFK warnings and auto logout, time customizable

-Movement between maps

-Contact dialog from LUA

-Added calls from C++ into lua for entity_interact and on_dialog_button

-Leveling from command and gaining exp, which unlocks powers and increases HP

-Hit point regeneration and Endurance recovery

-Initial work on Buffs sent to client

-Improvements on movement

-Respawn at hospital

-Door Animations

-Improvements on SEGSAdmin

-Emails (partially supported)

Happy All Hallows Eve friends.

SEGS v0.6.0 Media Release (PDF)