Building the codebase - the 'minimalistic' way. ( it's the same for Linux and Windows )

Note - this is WIP.

The most up to date information for setting up a test server and contributing can be found on our GitHub


Step by step build instructions

  1. Run qtcreator
  2. Select File/New File or Project:

Select the git clone option

  1. Enter the following information into the next dialog:

Repository configuration

Please set the Path to Your preferred directory, qtcreator will create a Segs subdirectory there.

  1. After clicking finish You should see:

Everything went ok, the code was cloned from the repository

  1. Then, qtcreator will ask which kit to use when configuring/building Segs:

All those kits are yours except Europa

On windows select the mingw based one.

  1. Press configure project if everything goes well, in Projects pane You should see something like:

All is well in project land

  1. The last step is actually building the project (Build/Build All)