Released: Super Entity Game Server v0.5.0 - The UnSilencer

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Released: Super Entity Game Server v0.5.0 - The UnSilencer

Post by MobbyG » Thu Jun 07, 2018 1:44 pm


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SEGS v0.5.0 - The UnSilencer

The SEGS Group is proud to announce the release the the next version of the Super Entity Game Server version 0.5.0, nicknamed by the group, The UnSilencer. This version features numerous updates, fixes and additions to the code that will allow you to run a server that is compatible with the Issue 0/1 client of City of Heroes, Comic book/Superhero MMORPG.
Some of the new features of this version, are the ability of the server to now spawn NPCs or Non Player Characters, on the map in their predetermined spawn points. Also added is support for MySQL and PostgresSQL in the dbtool, used to create new databases for the server.
We are also pleased to incorporate a Graphical User Interface, that will allow many non-technical users to be able to setup and run a server with a few clicks. Some of the features include, Adding user and administrator accounts, auto populating Internet Protocol addresses, creating new databases within the application, and the setup of the City of Heroes data files needed to run the server. Also, more detailed logs to help with trouble shooting and administration of the server.
  • Completely new SEGSAdmin GUI tool to faciliate simple server setup
  • Periodic state saves to database for Character/Player data permanence. Player Spawns now work properly too!
  • NPC Spawns! Static NPCs such as police drones and contacts now spawn from client files
  • Generator NPCs! Server now properly recognizes NPC generators (spawners) from the client files. This is the first step towards spawning bad guys, cars, and pedestrians
  • Deep changes to the server architecture enabling NPC spawns, and building a framework for future enhancements
Note: By default, server synchoronization of player positions have been disabled
This change removes the rubber-banding effect, but positions of other players may not be updated properly[/list]

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