Nostalgia train :)

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Nostalgia train :)

Post by nemerle » Fri Apr 01, 2016 8:48 pm

I've found a very old CoXEmu forums backup, and decided to merge it in.

To all old-timers. Enjoy :)
"Ich was in one sumere dale,
in one suthe diyhele hale,
iherde ich holde grete tale
an hule and one niyhtingale."

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Re: Nostalgia train :)

Post by ldilley » Fri Apr 01, 2016 11:59 pm

You should be more careful when merging timelines. It could create a paradox -- the results of which could cause a chain reaction that would unravel the very fabric of the space-time continuum and destroy the entire universe!
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Re: Nostalgia train :)

Post by shadowrex » Wed Apr 27, 2016 7:14 pm

Talk about a blast from the past! Thanks nem

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