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asking for support

Post by pikabko1 » Wed Mar 11, 2015 1:41 am

one thing about MMORPG that is complicated to deal with. it takes millions of dollars and a heck of a lot of computer programmers to do the job. if You have study the idea about off line gaming?????? ig we can get rid of the middle man and then get rid of the online servers. I had been doing a lot of research on this mater. I heard of ways to fool the system to think its online. its confusing and complicated.
The big deal of MMORPG is its get done online. you can play with millions of online players all at the same time that creates one heck of a fan based. right? Its dark side is well the middle man. I.E the publisher. NC you know who. murder the servers and boom the game gets nuked. back in 2012 I was trying to make my point. then I lost it. due to the fact people are closed minded MMORPG is ONLINE ONLY GET OVER IT! NO I cannot get OVER IT. it cost me a ton of money. I want to play City of Heroes is some other way. This is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA this country is based on freedom of choice. When I was busy yelling about my off line game play back in 2012 and 2013 one other game all of a sudden that got in the market as paid by fan kick starter and as well its home page kick starter raking up like 50 million dollars in a mater of days. a game called Star Citizen. his plan was to play online. and do another version to play with out the use of online. and one other version for players to be private servers to there friends.
2)Normal game play(NO INTERNET CONNECTION)
3)Player private server
What player private server is a player can use his own computer as a server to call up friend to play online with out the massive muti-player server
if that can be done and was proven it can be done on Star Citizen
I do not see the excuse of playing City of heroes with out the online servers.
I hate playing games online only. every MMORPG that I test driven in 15 seconds. I close the account.
how DC universe! nice graphics however I hated the game play. lost powers, cannot complete missions, cannot start missions. lots of bugs and problems
I hate the way how the game play was constructed. I played City of heroes since December 2004 I have the freedom to close the account any time . However I did not. every one got kicked out in 11/30/2012 the end of the world crap.

doing a online private server was tried and failed. if a private online server dose not work. the only thing left is play City of Heroes with out the online servers
people had been playing games with out the online servers. I do not see anything wrong with that.
at least its something to think about. it will be heck of a lot cheaper. there is no need of the millions of dollars to custom build a online server I.E Freedom Server
lets get this idea on the market. Star Citizen is working on it for a long time. Squardron 42

TA TA for now

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