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What would you like to see in CoX project ?
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Post by DarkJin » Fri Nov 17, 2006 10:14 pm

[quote:4056c3ba15=\"MonWolfen\"][b:4056c3ba15]Yeah! Besides, they all already have something in common:

Fly: You can fly through cities very fast, and then smash your head against a wall.

Super Speed: You can run through cities very fast, and then smash your head against a wall.

Super Jump: You can jump through cities very fast, and then hit that billboard you didn't realize was there until it was too late.

Heh...shame that kind of stuff doesn't [i:4056c3ba15]kill[/i:4056c3ba15] you. The only 'safe' travel power is teleporting, because you just go straight through the walls and billboards you'd normally collide with!

...Rather pointless I know, but I felt like handing out a lame attempt at humor.[/b:4056c3ba15][/quote:4056c3ba15]

Now im saying this not to be an ass but as a question...
Have you ever played CoH. Only sayin this cuz teleport is a click type travel power. meaning u activate the power then choose where you teleport to, not through buildings or anything else.

And like Secura said... Fly is the slowest power, even with loads of enhancements.... not saying that fly is slow, just slower than the others..check it

From Fastest to slowest. Teleport,Super Speed, Super Jump, Fly
sure i may be wrong but i literally tested by havin a race with my lvl 50 friends witht he same enhancements as me... though Super Speed and Teleport are almost equally as fast.
Then again someone might think differently of what i said, and i wouldnt say they are wrong... :P

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Post by PingKing » Sat Nov 18, 2006 4:37 am

On straight aways Super Speed and Teleport are neck an neck, but how many times have you been on a straiht away?

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Post by Aurex » Sun Nov 19, 2006 3:02 am

I'm not sure the travel powers should be touched very much. They seem to be fairly well balanced as it is. The only thing I'd like to ask for is a bit of an end drain reduction in the self teleport power. I know it's not the most chosen power, but it does drain end like no other.

They may have fixed that a bit at the latest update on the oficial servers, since i haven't played in about a month.

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